Constitution Document


Friends Of Chudleigh Library Constitution

Name Of Group
The name shall be The Friends Of Chudleigh Library

Aims and Objectives
To raise the profile of the Library in Chudleigh, through events and other activities
To increase active membership, borrowing and visiting totals for the Library.
To raise money for specific Library purposes.
To offer voluntary assistance to the Library as and when it may be required.
To represent users by providing feedback on services and planned improvements and changes.
To liaise with other Groups Of Friends with Devon Libraries.

To raise funds directly and indirectly and/or also to receive contributions.
Arrange provide and fund meetings and events.
Work with other organisations as required that have interests that match and compliment the aims and objectives of the “Group”.

The “Group” will aim to represent through its membership and activities the full range of library users and the wider needs and interests thereof.
Membership of The “Group” is open to all persons.

The Committee
The business of the “Group”, shall be managed by a committee, consisting of a Chairperson, Secretary, Press Officer and Treasurer.
The Committee Members shall be elected from amongst the members of the group at each AGM (Annual General Meeting) for the ensuring year.
If necessary the offices of secretary and one other officer of on the Committee can be combined by a majority vote at the AGM or by the remaining members of the “Group”
The committee shall have the power to co-opt
Subject to this Constitution and to the directions of the AGM, the committee may regulate its own affairs as it sees fit.

The AGM shall be held in November of each year. The business of the AGM shall be:
To receive the report of the Committee giving an account of the “Group’s activities during the proceeding year.
To receive audited accounts of the “group” for the proceeding year.
To elect representatives to serve on the Committee for the next year.
Additional meetings of the “Group”, shall be determined by the Committee.
Notice of the meetings will be advertised in the Chudleigh Phoenix, Chudleigh News, Chudleigh Library and on Notice Boards.
Notice of the AGM shall be given at least three weeks before the date of the meeting.
The quorum for the AGM or additional meetings, shall be 20% of the membership or 10 members, which ever is the less.
An EGM (Extraordinary General Meeting) may be called providing at least 25% of the membership are in favour and give due notice to the Secretary. The meeting may be held following a period of two weeks but no longer than three weeks.
A simple majority vote will decide questions arising from the meetings. The Chairperson will have the deciding vote if necessary.
The Quorum for Committee meeting will be two.

The Financial Year shall be from October 1st to September 30th
An accurate record of receipts and payments shall be kept by the Treasurer and presented as a statement for adoption by the “Group” at its AGM.
Cheques must be signed by 2 of the Committee members.

Amendments To The Constitution
The Constitution may be amended by a resolution passed by no less than two thirds of the members present at a General Meeting. The notice of this General meeting must include notice of the resolution, setting out the terms of the amendment involved.

If members of the “Group” decide it is necessary or advisable to dissolve the “Group”, they shall call a meeting of all the members of the “Group” with not less than 21 days notice, stating the terms of the resolution. If the resolution is confirmed by two thirds of those present, the committee shall have the power to realise any assets held by or on behalf of the “Group”
Any assets remaining after the settlement of any debts and liabilities shall be transferred to any such other charity or organisation in Chudleigh deemed suitable.

Constitution adopted on …………………………………